Second Letter to my Younger Son

It is already the middle of the summer and time for my next Letter To My Children post.  With this blog circle, I have really enjoyed reading letters written by other amazing mothers and photographers each month.  We are all in different places on our journey as parents, but we all love our kids so very much.  This month I am writing to my younger son E, who turns five at the end of August.  To read my first post to him, click here.

Dear E,

In my mind, you are still a baby.  You are the youngest of my three children, so I can understand how that happens.  And yet you are almost five and clearly are not a baby.  You still want my help and yet you can do so much more than I often realize.  Once in a while I will joke that you can't grow up any more.  I will turn an imaginary knob on your shoulder and click, you can't grow anymore.  You always laugh and remind me that you will keep growing.  Then just to be sure, you turn the 'knob' back.

You have been waiting and waiting for your birthday.  Every time a friend at school had a birthday, you'd ask when your birthday was.  Your birthday felt so far away you couldn't even comprehend it.  Even after M and E's birthday a couple weeks ago, you wanted it to be your birthday.  At 4 and 11/12ths, you are so close!  One more month kiddo!

When it came time to take your pictures for this letter, we compromised.  I could take your pictures if we went to the park to play.  While we were there, you asked when it was lunch time.  It was almost 5pm and we had already eaten lunch that day.  So we made plans to bring a picnic lunch to the park later in the week.  I love this time and these days with you E.  I feel blessed to be your Mommy!

xo Mom


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  1. Stacy July 22, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

    Such a sweet letter! He will always be your baby 🙂