Bauerschmidt Portraits makes portrait sessions way more fun and meaningful.

Come here... I want to show you something.  Could you help me out?  I know that you are a great helper and I have a special job for you.  Can you do it?  Of course you can.  I knew you could.

2016 bridesmaid dressesAs the child is engaged in teaching my camera what the color gray is, Mom has a moment to breathe and Dad can look away from his watch.  Older kids are curious so they help me as well.  As a mother of three and a photographer of many, I distract and focus the attention of the kids so that the parents can relax as the portraits are created.  "That was a lot less stressful than I expected" said a recent client mom.

I am here to help you enjoy your photography session as well as your portraits.  It is easy to put off family portraits, but it can be simple to create images of you and your children.  Selfies are fun- I know I have taken many, many of them!  But sometimes it is better to have a professional make lasting portraits for you.  In 2011, I became a Certified Professional Photographer by passing a written examination as well as completing a portfolio review by the Professional Photographers of America.  I can't wait to create your next family portrait!  Contact me to set up a time!