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Childhood Rite of Passage


My youngest child lost one of his front teeth last week.  I remember when my older kiddos had cute, toothless grins.  How can my little one be losing teeth already?  When kids get their adult teeth, they look so, well, grown up!

So I did what any photographer would do- I took lots of pictures of his new grin.  I teased him that we would have to take pictures again when he loses the other front tooth.  (I'm wiggling that one because I LOVE toothless grins!)  Once this little boy gets going, he makes hilarious faces and often incorporates costumes.


Of course I photographed my older children too.  My daughter always has her long hair pulled into a ponytail.  I bribed her to let me photograph her with her hair down.  You can see her many emotions about this idea.


And my first born.  I didn't have to bribe him.  His smile radiates warmth and fills me with love.


I hope you are enjoying your summer.  And if you are celebrating a lost tooth or another special moment in your family, contact me to schedule a portrait session.  I can bribe the kids, make Mom look great, all in a short enough session time for Dad.  Win-Win!

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Third Letter to my Younger Son

The year seems to be flying by and I am already on my third letter to my younger son E.  He is five now and is really becoming his own self.  To read my previous letter to him, click here.

Dear E,

You started a Junior Kindergarten class this fall at the Catholic Church.  It is a great program.  You are working on your letters, learning songs, sign language, Spanish and about the Bible.  A few weeks ago, you told me that you prayed for me at school.  You knew that I had hurt my foot and you prayed that it would feel better soon.  I love that you were thinking of me!  Last week the two JK classes had a prayer service and you were a speaker.  When you were practicing, you said that you were surprised how loud your voice was through the microphone.  You were very proud of your role and spoke your line very well.

When I started taking your pictures for this letter, you immediately put your hands together and told me that is how you pray.  Then you did lots of big jumps for me!

You continue to be a sweet boy.  I love you so very much kiddo!

xo Mom


The blog circle continues and I am excited to link to Jessie this month.  Like me, she's an engineer turned photographer and she creates amazing portraits.  I have learned a lot from Jessie and I miss her now that she lives across the country.  I'm glad we can keep in touch online and through our blogs.

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Second Letter to my Older Son

Another month has past, and I am continuing to write letters to my children along with a wonderful group of photographers in our blog circle.  I am writing to my oldest son this month.  If you missed my first letter to M, click here.  
Hello My Dear M,
 I am happy to be writing another letter to you.  You look different now since you wear glasses.  You look so handsome.  You were starting to have a hard time reading the board at school, which is the exact experience I had when I was in elementary school.  I enjoy hearing about all the things you can see now that you have glasses.  
 May is a busy month with year end activities.  You have had a chorus concert, a big presentation on Veterinarians at school (you taught me how to spell veterinarian!) and show week at gymnastics.  With each step, your confidence builds and you become stronger.  
 One of my favorite things about you is how you create.  You are always creating something new, something from things that I wouldn't consider putting together.  It is a gift M.  A gift that you have.  We have moved the box of fabric scraps up to your room, so they are always available to you.  You would rather reuse all of the cardboard boxes in the house than recycle them.  You have made dresses for E and me from the fabric.  You made a tent for E and his stuffed animal doggies from cardboard boxes.  You made Nana a grandfather clock with a swinging pendulum from cardboard, a dowel and a cupcake wrapper.  The clock was extra special because Nana's clock was broken at the time.  Your gift to create is often motivated by making something for others.  
 You fill my bucket with love and warmth M.  I am honored and blessed to be your mother.  I am looking forward to many family adventures with you over the summer.


I'd love for you to follow the blog circle and read Kim's fantastic letter.    

Little Girl Smiles

I loved photographing the S family for many reasons, but probably the biggest reason is that these two sweet girls are still little ones.  Soon they will start losing their baby teeth and they will start looking older.  I am so glad we were able to capture this moment in their lives so you will always remember these beautiful, little girl smiles!


I love Father-Daughter images.  Most people have snapshots of their kids, but it is so important to create portraits of parents with their children.