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Letter To My Three Children

I have loved writing letters to my children this year.  Without the monthly blog circle deadlines, I know I wouldn't have written so many!  It was a wonderful reminder to count my blessings in my kids.  For this holiday month, my letter is to all three of them.  To see last month's letter to M and E, click here.

Dear M, E & E,

I love all three of you so much my heart bursts open every day.  And then there are moments in these days when we are all so frustrated with each other.  We all have scowling faces and stomping feet.  With years and years of practice, I hide my feelings pretty well.  But I am learning to be more open and true to myself.  When I can take a step out of our frustrating moments, I am happy that you are expressing your love as well as your anger.  My hope and focus is to help all of us communicate our feelings better, with honesty and love, and less yelling and kicking!  

As I look back over 2013, I see so many wonderful changes in all of you.  M, you have had the biggest physical changes. You started wearing glasses in the spring and got your braces on this summer.  E, you have grown in your relationships with your friends at school.  You enjoy adventures at lunch recess and supporting each other at school.  E, you are really coming into your own.  You are learning so much in your Junior Kindergarten class and you have volunteered for leadership roles.  

I am proud of all three of you.  Merry Christmas M, E and E!  I love you!  

xo Mom



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Letter to my Big Kids

With only two months left in the year (and three kids), I decided to write this month's letter to my big kids, my twins, the ones who made me a mom.

Dear M & E,

I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that there were two of you in there.  I just had a feeling.  Nana, your grandmother and my mom, is a twin so it runs in the family.  When Daddy and I first saw two beating hearts on the ultrasound, we were excited, nervous, thrilled, and scared.  It suddenly hit us that we would need to buy two of everything- car seats, cribs, high chairs.  The two of you have always been best friends and I think that will continue.  You have a special relationship since you have known each other since the beginning, with unwritten rules on how to play together and how to get along.  I love that you are so close.  And yet I rarely use the word twins to call you by name.  I'll say my big kids, but not twins.  While your twin relationship is so important, I also want you to know that you are individual people.  And I think you have figured that out too.  You are in the same classroom at school.  At conferences, you teacher asked me if you got along.  She said that you never talk to each other in class.  I laughed because I can't imagine that!  But I think you have found that it works for you at school.

You have both started playing new instruments: E on the violin and M on the cello.  It is fantastic to hear you play together.  Daddy and I were so proud of you when you decided to perform at your school's International Night.  Plus it was a fun joke that you were playing "Dutch Dance", even though we aren't Dutch!  Playing together is adding to your closeness because you can't just go your own tempo in a duet.  You have to both listen to the other person and play your part.

I love you two so very much.  With your enthusiasm, devotion to your family and dedication to your school work, you inspire and encourage me every day.  Thanks for being awesome kiddos!!

Love, Mom

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Third Letter to my Younger Son

The year seems to be flying by and I am already on my third letter to my younger son E.  He is five now and is really becoming his own self.  To read my previous letter to him, click here.

Dear E,

You started a Junior Kindergarten class this fall at the Catholic Church.  It is a great program.  You are working on your letters, learning songs, sign language, Spanish and about the Bible.  A few weeks ago, you told me that you prayed for me at school.  You knew that I had hurt my foot and you prayed that it would feel better soon.  I love that you were thinking of me!  Last week the two JK classes had a prayer service and you were a speaker.  When you were practicing, you said that you were surprised how loud your voice was through the microphone.  You were very proud of your role and spoke your line very well.

When I started taking your pictures for this letter, you immediately put your hands together and told me that is how you pray.  Then you did lots of big jumps for me!

You continue to be a sweet boy.  I love you so very much kiddo!

xo Mom


The blog circle continues and I am excited to link to Jessie this month.  Like me, she's an engineer turned photographer and she creates amazing portraits.  I have learned a lot from Jessie and I miss her now that she lives across the country.  I'm glad we can keep in touch online and through our blogs.

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Third Letter to my Daughter

Welcome to my next Letter to My Children.  It is a good thing that I have a monthly deadline for these letter so that I keep writing them!  My hesitation is to skip a month because I am busy, but it is always worth making the time and thinking about how thankful I am for my kiddos.  This letter is to my daughter E.  To read my previous letter to her, click here.

Dear E,

I am glad we attended the Mother-Daughter weekend retreat together.  We had a chance to spend time just the two of us, which doesn't happen too often.  We also got to do great activities like star gazing, 40' wall climbing, archery and crafts.  At one of the sessions, the speaker talked about three things she tells her kids every day.  1- You are awesome! 2- I know you will make good decisions.  3- Even if you don't, I will always love you.  I love this!  Everyone should hear that!

You are awesome E!  I know you will make good decisions.  And even if you don't, I will always love you!

xo Mom


Every month I love reading the other letters in my blog circle.  This month I have the honor of linking to Karin, who is a fantastic woman as well as a photographer, momma and wife.

Third Letter to my Older Son

This is my third letter to M, my first born son.  Feel free to read my previous letters to him.

Dear M,

Summer has officially ended with the start of school this week.  We had such a great summer.  We explored in San Francisco, camped in Wisconsin, played with your cousin and gathered with relatives including Great Grandma and my great aunts.  You also had a lot of free time to play with your brother and sister.  If you had your choice, you'd have free time every day and summer is perfect for that.  I love how close the three of you are and how well you play together- well most of the time!

4th grade may be a big change for you.  You'll have more homework than last year and you'll be learning a lot more too.  At times, it may feel overwhelming and hard.  But know that Daddy and I are always here for you, to help you figure out how to complete your homework, to participate in your activities and to still have some free time.

These images are from your 9th birthday.  I know all parents say this, but I can't believe you are nine and in 4th grade.  Have a wonderful 4th grade year kiddo!  I love you!  -Momma


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Second Letter to my Younger Son

It is already the middle of the summer and time for my next Letter To My Children post.  With this blog circle, I have really enjoyed reading letters written by other amazing mothers and photographers each month.  We are all in different places on our journey as parents, but we all love our kids so very much.  This month I am writing to my younger son E, who turns five at the end of August.  To read my first post to him, click here.

Dear E,

In my mind, you are still a baby.  You are the youngest of my three children, so I can understand how that happens.  And yet you are almost five and clearly are not a baby.  You still want my help and yet you can do so much more than I often realize.  Once in a while I will joke that you can't grow up any more.  I will turn an imaginary knob on your shoulder and click, you can't grow anymore.  You always laugh and remind me that you will keep growing.  Then just to be sure, you turn the 'knob' back.

You have been waiting and waiting for your birthday.  Every time a friend at school had a birthday, you'd ask when your birthday was.  Your birthday felt so far away you couldn't even comprehend it.  Even after M and E's birthday a couple weeks ago, you wanted it to be your birthday.  At 4 and 11/12ths, you are so close!  One more month kiddo!

When it came time to take your pictures for this letter, we compromised.  I could take your pictures if we went to the park to play.  While we were there, you asked when it was lunch time.  It was almost 5pm and we had already eaten lunch that day.  So we made plans to bring a picnic lunch to the park later in the week.  I love this time and these days with you E.  I feel blessed to be your Mommy!

xo Mom


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Second Letter to my Daughter

Welcome to my next letter to my children.  This one is to my daughter E.  If you would like to read my previous letter to her, click here.

Dear E,

You are a physical girl.  You love hugs and being as close as possible to me.  There are times when you ask me for a hug, for a snuggle or for another tuck into bed.  I am glad you keep asking because sometimes I get pulled into the routine of the day and don't hug you enough.  Spending these loving moments with you is more important than the routine of the day.  Keep asking!

Summer is here, which means lots of time with your brothers.  You are a fantastic sister to your brothers.  There are many times when we need to motivate your little brother to do something or go somewhere.  I often hear you say the words I was about to say to him!  He responds so well to you and often does as you ask.  You have a beautiful, tight, silly, fun bond with M, your twin brother.  One of my dreams for all three of you is that you remain close and silly as you grow up and become adults.

We just returned from a family vacation to San Francisco.  I didn't get a chance to create photos of you as I did last time.  Instead I am posting images from our trip that show what a great relationship you have with your brothers.

I love you E!

xo Mom

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Second Letter to my Older Son

Another month has past, and I am continuing to write letters to my children along with a wonderful group of photographers in our blog circle.  I am writing to my oldest son this month.  If you missed my first letter to M, click here.  
Hello My Dear M,
 I am happy to be writing another letter to you.  You look different now since you wear glasses.  You look so handsome.  You were starting to have a hard time reading the board at school, which is the exact experience I had when I was in elementary school.  I enjoy hearing about all the things you can see now that you have glasses.  
 May is a busy month with year end activities.  You have had a chorus concert, a big presentation on Veterinarians at school (you taught me how to spell veterinarian!) and show week at gymnastics.  With each step, your confidence builds and you become stronger.  
 One of my favorite things about you is how you create.  You are always creating something new, something from things that I wouldn't consider putting together.  It is a gift M.  A gift that you have.  We have moved the box of fabric scraps up to your room, so they are always available to you.  You would rather reuse all of the cardboard boxes in the house than recycle them.  You have made dresses for E and me from the fabric.  You made a tent for E and his stuffed animal doggies from cardboard boxes.  You made Nana a grandfather clock with a swinging pendulum from cardboard, a dowel and a cupcake wrapper.  The clock was extra special because Nana's clock was broken at the time.  Your gift to create is often motivated by making something for others.  
 You fill my bucket with love and warmth M.  I am honored and blessed to be your mother.  I am looking forward to many family adventures with you over the summer.


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Letter To My Younger Son

This month I am writing a letter to my youngest child, E, who is four and a half.
Dear E,
You are the sweetest little boy.  I may be a bit biased, but you literally brighten my day!   Since you are one and not a twin, I have been able to give you more of myself, more of my attention.  Because you are the youngest, we spend a lot of time together, which I love.
Right now, the mornings are our best times.  After the big kids leave for school and before we head out to preschool drop off, we often play games together.  Not "kid" games like Candy Land, but Sleeping Queens, FLUXX or Cathedral.  You like the strategy and knowing which card to play to win.  Now I just need to convince you to let me go first once in a while!  Of course we have moments when we are frustrated with each other, but they don't last long.  And I can always count on you to "fill my bucket" with hugs and kisses.
When I told you I was going to take pictures of you for this letter, you didn't like that idea.  But I said you could keep your dinosaur shirt on and make as many silly faces as you wanted.  So that's what we did.
I love you E!  Thanks for brightening my every day.
xo Mom
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Letter To My Daughter

This is my second Letter to my Children for the blog circle with a group of great parents and photographers.  This month's letter is to my daughter, E, who is M's twin sister.
My sweet E,
You are an amazing girl and always have been.  On the day you were born, we waited and waited and waited for you.  We longed to meet you and for you to meet your twin brother.  But you had a different plan.  And when you were finally born, we understood your plan.  You weren't ready.  My heart shattered the day you were born, both in joy and in tears.  It took you a few days in the hospital, but you were strong and soon you were able to come home.  
Before you were born, I never wore pink.  Maybe it was the engineer in me, but it just wasn't a part of who I was.  But after you were born, I started to embrace pink.  Thank you for bringing pink into my life.  It has given me permission to feel more, to be more open.
I am enjoying the time we are in now, with you as a third grader.  In the last few months you have become more confident in both your school work and your activities.  I love that you can do a flip flop in gymnastics!  I am very proud of you.  And I am thankful that you continue to cuddle with me as part of your bedtime routine.  You'll always be my little girl!  Keep smiling!
I love you!
xo Mom



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